Distributor of Wealth Management Products and Services

Wealthtrac was established in 2001 as a distributor of wealth management products and services, developed and marketed under the Wealthtrac brand. Our focus is on the independent market so our clients are primarily small to medium securities dealers and accountants.

Wealthtrac holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) but does not provide financial advice. Rather, we support our Dealers and Accountants with a range of quality products, which they can recommend to their clients as representing the best available in terms of:

  • Investment Choice;
  • Quality of Administration and Client service;
  • Competitive Fees; and
  • Flexibility.

Administration and Trustee Services

We outsource all administration and trustee services and currently have service agreements with ANZ bank and One Wealth Management. Our current range of products and services includes:

  • Wealthtrac Superannuation Master Trust;
  • Wealthtrac Portfolio Service;
  • Wealthtrac SMSF; and
  • Wealthtrac Dealer Back Office Services.

Ownership in Wealthtrac for Dealers and Accountants

Since its inception, Wealthtrac has been majority owned by the Dealers and Accountants who recommend Wealthtrac products. Ownership is via the Wealthtrac Equity Trust, which holds a majority interest in Wealthtrac with the balance held by private investors. We have no institutional ownership. Dealers and Accountants who meet the minimum requirements automatically become beneficiaries of the Trust. Their individual share of ownership reflects the gross revenue they generate for Wealthtrac through funds they have placed into our products. Wealthtrac generates revenue from a range of sources other than that from products recommended by our Dealers and Accountants.

As a member of the Trust you will be entitled to receive your share of any dividends paid by Wealthtrac and to participate in any future sale of Wealthtrac. We understand that benefits arising from ownership of Wealthtrac are not affected by FOFA regulations.

To our knowledge, Wealthtrac is the only wealth product distribution business that offers ownership to its Dealer and Accountant network, so this is a unique opportunity to share in the value of a growing and successful financial services company.

Please call us to discuss any aspects of Wealthtrac ownership.

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