Fund set up or Transfer

  • We can set up a new fund using our standard Trust Deed or you can transfer your existing fund to us and retain your existing Trust Deed;
  • We will assist with opening the necessary cash and some share broking accounts; and
  • We perform a compliance review on your trust documentation.

Managing Your Investments

You and your Adviser will have secure access to the Wealthtrac SMSF website to manage your fund online. All investments in cash, shares and managed funds can be viewed via your Wealthrac SMSF online.

Investment Strategy

Our online investment strategy tool allows you to set and maintain your Investment Strategy and compare your actual investments against your strategy, and adjust where necessary. All in real time.

Managing Your Compliance

Wealthtrac will send out email and text alerts where there is a breach of regulated requirements, and contributions caps. You or your Adviser can also discuss any compliance matters with our Client Service Team on 1300 11 98 98.

Starting a Pension

You can start a pension whenever you are eligible, at no additional charge.

Online Investing

We will assist with the opening of your online cash account and share trading account, which are fully integrated with your Fund reporting system to enable you to transact and see the Fund investment reports online 24/7.

Instant Online Tax Reporting

Every time you buy or sell an asset you can see the CGT effect immediately, which helps you and your Adviser manage your Fund’s tax position and make adjustments before year-end.

Our Client Service Team

If you or your Adviser require assistance with a Fund matter please call our 1300 11 98 98 line for personal and professional help.

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