Online Application

It's quick and easy to apply online. Simply click here to commence your application. Once we have reviewed your information we will advise whether further information is needed for us to proceed.


Once we have prepared the required documents we will send these to you, or your Adviser, for the Trustee’s signature.

Product Information

SMSF Trustees are required to give all Fund members the information necessary for them to make informed decisions. The Wealthtrac Services Guide has been prepared to help the Trustee meet this requirement. Download the SMSF Services Guide and provide a copy to members. We also recommend you seek professional advice regarding meeting this requirement.

Wealthtrac SMSF Administration Agreement

Download the Wealthtrac SMSF Administration Agreement.

Cash Account

You will need to open a cash account for your Fund. We recommend the Macquarie Cash Account for this purpose as it is already integrated with our system.

Investments and other services

We provide online links with the following:

  • Any Stockbroker;
  • Term deposits;
  • Other investment platforms; and
  • Any bank.

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